Aims & Objectives

To provide comprehensive education on the lines of "New Education Policy" with special emphasis on

  • Social Inter communication
  • Maintenance of physical efficiency
  • Efficient citizenship
  • Unspecialised practical activities
  • Overall Personality
  • To promote and encourage the child to learn in a natural atmosphere and interesting ways with guidance, scientific approach, co-operative manner and competitive spirit.
  • To provide progressive facilities and methods to develop social, emotional and managerial talents.
  • To impart value based education.To introduce the child to the age of Electronics, Computer, Multimedia, Internet , Audio Visual teaching and learning centres.
  • To introduce the child to the method of "Learning by doing"
  • To guide the children to take initiative and make it an "innovative centre"
  • To train the child to face challenges of life with courage and a balance mind.
  • To make the child understand the need for self-evaluation techniques to access one's own achievements and performance, strength and weakness to develop confidence.
  • To bring about an integrated individual who is capable of dealing with challenges of life.