Co-Curricular Activities

  • Dance, Music, Band, Painting,Art & Craft
  • Science Club, Health Club, Maths Club, GK and Commerce Club
  • Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Dramatics, Debate
  • Junior Red Cross
  • Karuna Club
  • NSS
  • Jain Kalachar- Cultural Academy
  • Road safety patrol Unit
  • Students Consumer Council
  • Eco Club
  • Chess Academy
  • Skating
  • Scouts & Guides

List of activities for Primary classes (2017 – 2018)
JULY04.07.17‘Maths Fun’MathsV
JULY11.07.17‘Brain challenger’ScienceIV
13.07.17‘Semmozhi Surangam’TamilIV
26.07.17‘Kalpana Shakthi’HindiV
AUGUST03.08.17‘Drag and drop’EnglishI
09.08.17‘ Eeyerkkai Maruthuvam’TamilV
16.08.17‘ Mind Twisters’MathsII
SEPTEMBER04.09.17‘Globe Trotters’SocialV
14.09.17‘ Operation Maths’MathsIV
OCTOBER05.10.17‘ Picture Prompts’EnglishII
12.10.17E - InviteComputer ScienceV
19.10.17‘Shabdha Bhandar’HindiII
26.10.17‘Reduce and Re use’ScienceV
NOVEMBER01.11.17‘Connect and Correct’EnglishIV
09.11.17‘Frame and Name’E.V.SIII
16.11.17‘Project Exhibition’‘BLOOMING BHARATH’IV & V
23.11.17‘Connect and Colour’E.V.SI
DECEMBER05.12.17‘Tricky Tricksters’MathsI
07.12.17‘Editing Tweets’EnglishV
12.12.17‘Little Cartographers’SocialIV
JANUARY25.1.2018KIDSFESTIntra school competitionIV & V
List of Activities for KG Classes 2017-18
Month and DateTitleTopic
JULY 3-7Colour WeekRed, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange
AUGUST 7-11Fruit WeekApple, Grapes, Papaya, Guava, Pomegranate seeds
Saturday Activities for LKG & UKG 2017-18
Month Date LKG UKG
JUNE 17.06.17   Bottle Craft
JULY 01.07.17 Popsical Craft  
  15.07.17   Tiger Plant Holder
  29.07.17 My Funny Clown  
AUGUST 05.08.17   Dot Painting
  19.08.17 My Doll House  
OCTOBER 07.10.17   Pebble Art
  21.10.17 Diya/Pot Painting  
NOVEMBER 04.11.17   MUD Plate Decoration
  18.11.17 Button Art  
DECEMBER 02.12.17   Rockey Bunny Craft
  16.12.17 Paper Cup Craft  
JANUARY 06.01.18   My Bag(Imprint Art)
  20.01.18 My Bag(Imprint Art)  
Monthly Competitions for LKG & UKG 2017-18
JUNE22.06.17Group Singing
23.06.17Popsical Craft
AUGUST05.08.17Fancy Dress Competition(LKG A & B)
19.08.17Fancy Dress Competition(UKG A & B)
OCTOBER07.10.17Fancy Dress Competition(LKG C & D)
21.10.17Fancy Dress Competition(UKG C & D)
26.10.17Story Telling
27.10.17Story Telling
NOVEMBER04.11.17Fancy Dress Competition(LKG E & F)
18.11.17Fancy Dress Competition(UKG E & F)
22.12.17Group Singing
High school & Junior college for the year 2017-2018
List of Activities for High school & Junior College for the year 2017-2018
Month Date Program Department
JUNE 12.6.2017 World Environment Day Karuna Club
19.6.2017 Dental Health Check Up JRC
21.6.2017 Cultural Evening - IX-XII girls Topic - Seasons Jain Kalachar
JULY 1.7.2017 How to utilise the Positive Power of Thinking Personality Development
3.7.2017 Field trip to Ramanujam Museum for Classes XI A1,XI B Math
6.7.2017 Debate on Indian Politics G K Club
7.7.2017 Paper Presentation - Impact of Advertisement on Consumer Goods Consumer Council
10.7.2017 Guest Lecture - Physics - XII Science
12.7.2017 Frames using- html /xml Class X Computer Science
13.7.2017 Create your product in style Commerce
AUGUST 1.8.2017 Planet ki rakhwale (save earth) ECO Club
2.8.2017 First AID Classes JRC
14.8.2017 Paintings of India Heritage Social Club
15.8.2017 Van Mahotsav Karuna Club
15.8.2017 Bouquet Making Fine Arts Club
15.8.2017 Math - Medics capsule of math formula and result - 3 rd revised edition math
31.8.2017 Project in Python using OOPS and files -Class XII Computer Science
SEPTEMBER 6.9.2017 Cultural evening - IX-XII boys topic- Youth for Drugs free world Jain Kalachar
13.9.2017 Temple Cleaning JRC
14.9.2017 Hindi day -Celebration HINDI
14.9.2017 Bring out the Entrepreneur in You Commerce
16.9.2017 Mastering the art of Conversation Personality Development
22.9.2017 Skillorama- Intra school English Skill Competition English
22.9.2017 Organ system and Disease in human - PPT Science
28.9.2017 Navarathri Golu Festival Fine arts club
OCTOBER 17.10.2017 Greeting card Exhibition Fine Arts Club
17.10.2017 Anti cracker Campaign ECO Club
17.10.2017 Visit to Orphanage Karuna Club
21.10.2017 How to improve your social skills Personality Development
26.10.2017 Temples of India - Quiz GK Club
28.10.2017 Trekking JRC
30.10.2017 Religious festivals of india Heritage Social Club
30.10.2017 Mathematics skill test - Class VII, VIII, IX MATH
NOVEMBER 1.11.2017 Cultural evening - VI-VIII girls topic - fantasy Jain Kalachar
3.11.2017 Exhibition on food Adulteration & Comconclave intra school contest Consumer Council
14.11.2017 Kalasagar - 2017 intra school compettion Jain Kalachar
18.11.2017 Inter house debate- topic -is Oeer pressure harmful or Beneficial to individuals English
22.11.2017 Guest lecture - Chemistry- Class XII Science
24.11.2017 Comconclave - Inter school contest Commerce
24.11.2017 Upcoming os (Mobile system) Class IX Computer Science
27.11.2017 Guest lecture math - Class X MATH
DECEMBER 11.12.2017 Mahakavi Bharathiyar day celebration Tamil
16.12.2017 Project in python using Strings and Lists - Class XI Computer Science
16.12.2017 Campus Cleaning JRC
18.12.2017 Guest Lecture Math - Class XII MATH
20.12.2017 Cultural Evening - VI-VIII boys topic - colours Jain Kalachar
22.12.2017 Career Guidance - Class-XII Personality Development
JANUARY 6.1.2018 Hospital / Orphanage visit JRC
20.1.2018 Art and Craft exhibition Fine Arts Club
FEBRUARY 4.2.2018 Campus cleaning and Valedictory fuction JRC