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1. Your ward should be regular and punctual to school

LKG and UKG I st shift - 8.00 am to 11.30 am

LKG and UKG II nd shift - 11.00am to 2.30 pm

2. ID cards should be pinned up neatly and worn regularly.

3. Send napkins, spare dress and hand kerchiefs every day.

4. Snack bag should be labeled clearly.

5. Any circular given must be filled and responded properly. Check the diary on regular basis for the communication to parents from the teachers.

6. Maintain uniforms and shoes as given below:

A. Monday ,Tuesday and Thursday - Regular uniform with black canvas shoes

B. Wednesday - White uniform and white canvas shoe

C. Friday - Colour dress for LKG for UKG as usual

7. Nails should be cut once a week and boys should have regular hair cuts.

8. Parents can meet teachers only on Tuesday Ďs and Fridayís 2.30 to 3.00 p.m.

9. While availing leave the leave letter should be sent along with the child on the day he/she attends the school. For long or medical leave, parents should meet and inform the K.G. Co-ordinator on Tuesdayís or on Fridayís and after the approval of the Principal leave may be granted.

10. Leave letter should be sent following the format given in the diary.

11. Over feeding is not good for health, only limited quantity should be sent (snacks/lunch) as school provides nutrition supplement every day.

12. Kindly avoid junk food like chips, kurkure , khakra and chocolates. They are totally banned in our school. Send fruits, salads , idlis, noodles, chappathiís for snacks and lunch.

13. During Birthdayís presentation of gifts to our children is not allowed. If parents wish they can donate education CDís for K.G.library.

14. Children should not wear gold ornaments for the safety of the child and school.

15. Fancy hair clips, watches, bangles, hairbands, pencil boxes and play items should be avoided.

16. Scocks should be washed everyday and shoe must be put in the open or talc-cum power can be used. Shoes should polished regularly.

17. Refer the syllabus book for the K.G. class for practicing the children at home daily.

Kindly solicit your co-operation. PRINCIPAL


Dear Parents,

The children studying in K.G. classes are completing their daily oral and written tasks in the school campus itself. Home Assignments are given during the weekend, to keep them in touch with the routine. Meanwhile, the parents at home can practice the following to enable the child to learn and practice various values of life. We appeal to the parents that you have to necessarily spend your valuable time with your child to encourage them through your interaction/communication. Here are few suggested guidelines for alternative tasks to be practiced at home environment by the parents.

1. Spend adequate time for effective oral interaction with your child.

2. Tell value based stories to improve the listening skills.

3. Make them to tell rhymes, stories, about their friends, activities in school etc.,

4. Send school diary regularly.

5. Check up their bags and school diary daily.

6. Gift them book of their choice to develop reading habits (cartoon, picture books, small story books etc.,)

7. Present them drawing/art/craft books to improve their creativity.

8. Engage them in colouring work/music/fine arts/ scribbling/tearing papers during holidays.

9. Teach them good manners and practices good habits at home.

10. Encourage book reading and picture talk.

11. Allow them to talk to elderly people at home and listen to them for more value based stories.

12. Allow them to play in groups and relax themselves, particularly in the evening hours.

13. Parents should spare their time to play with their children often to develop good understanding.

14. Guide the children in arranging and keep their belongings in the appropriate places, to avoid searching.

15. Guide them to watch selected TV channels and programmes to improve their knowledge and ability.

16. Never compare/criticize/condemn your child with other children in your family on any occasion donít pressurize your child.

17. Educational CDíS,DVDíS may be utilized at home to provide extended learning experience to the child.

18. Take your child along with you to various public places like market ,railway station, postoffice, bank ,temples ,library etc., to improve their observation skills particularly on holidays.

19. Guide them to nature plants at your garden.

All the above stated guide lines may help you to engage your child very beneficially at home. The confidence, ability, knowledge, values and understanding level of the child would certainly increased to greater level provided all the above mentioned activities are practiced regularly by the parents. Home assignments does not mean repetition. Textual work at their own place. It is an experience of learning new concepts. We sincerely appeal to you practice the same at your convenience regularly for the upliftment of the child. Alternatives to homework enables to child learn a lot by their experience with the people in and around in the society.

We solicit your kind co-operation.




Dear Parents,

Hearty Greetings!

The academic year 2014-2015 was very successful due to your whole-hearted co-operation and we the Management & Staff thank you very much for the same. Kindly go through the following guidelines carefully and strictly adhere to it.


The results will be published in our School Website on Monday the 23rd March 2015 at 9.00 a.m. and will be displayed on the School Notice Board at around 11.00 a.m.

Note:- Principal will not meet the Parents of detained / withheld students on the day of Announcement of Results.


The Text & Note books will be available for distribution in their respective classes, against Cash paid receipts in the School Office. Parents who have opted for the textbooks and notebooks should compulsorily purchase the same on the scheduled dates, failing which the stock will get exhausted. The cost of books will be put up on the Notice Board on 6th March 2015. Distribution of the books will be as per the following schedule:

UKG to V Std. : Tuesday, the 24th March 2015 - 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

VI to XII Std. :Wednesday, the 25th March 2015 -9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m ( Except XI )

Lunch Time - 12.30 to 1.00 p.m.

Note :- Bill for Uniform material and distribution will not be done on the above two days.


There is no change in the School Fee structure for the year 2015-2016. The School Fee particulars are furnished to make the payment on or before 15th APRIL 2015. II Term Fee should be paid on or before 15th OCTOBER 2015.



Refer School Circular Dated 20.02.2015


Parents are requested to purchase the cloth for School Uniform from Stores after payment of Cash in the School Office on Saturday, the 4th April 2015 and on Monday, the 6th April 2015 from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. & 2.00 pm to 4.00 p.m. The quantity required (measurement in metres) should be specified by the Parents. The rate for Terry Cotton Suiting (S.Kumar's) will be Rs.135/- per metre and for Shirting ( S.Kumar's) will be Rs.75/-per metre. The material is procured from reputed Mills, in bulk to maintain the uniformity in quality, colour, shade, design and supplied at reasonable price only for the benefit and convenient of the parents.


The students of classes LKG to VIII should compulsorily use only Black Canvas shoes with regular Brown Uniform and White Canvas shoes with White Uniform. The students of classes IX to XII are permitted to use black sports shoe with regular brown uniform.


After a short break on completion of Semester II Examination, classes will commence for students ( UKG to X and XII ) from Thursday, the 26th March 2015 with a prayer at 8.30 a.m. as per schedule printed in the school diary. Last working day will be Friday, the 24th April 2015. Summer vacation will be from Saturday, the 25th April to Wednesday the 10th June 2015. Classes will resume for classes UKG to VIII after summer vacation w.e.f. Thursday the 11th June 2015 and for Classes IX to XII, the School will re-open on 4th JUNE 2015 (THURSDAY) All students have to compulsorily attend the school from 26th March to 24th April 2015 and again report without fail on the first working day after the Summer Vacation. Otherwise it will be presumed that they are discontinuing and are liable to be given the T.C.


T.C. Applications should be made by the parents only with valid and satisfactory reasons under normal circumstances. Those applying for T.C. may do so on or before 31.3.2015. After this date the First Term fees will have to be paid. Once T.C. is issued re-admission will not be granted.

Wishing you all the Best and Soliciting your continued co-operation.

With regards,


In the Cause of Education,