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Obeissance to our Guru Shree Shanti Vijaiji Maharaj

It was on Vasant Panchami of Samvat year-1946 that Guruji was born. Gurudev believed in sincerity of thoughts and sanctity of action. "Om Shanthi" was always on his lips. From the very beginning Guru Dev shunned society, abhorred luxury and threw himself into seclusion and meditation. His introspective mind went in quest of the secret of real happiness.

He took Diksha at the early age of 16. He displayed supernatural powers.

Service to humanity was his motto.

With this goal in view, and as per the wishes of the chief donors, this school named after the Yogiraj Guruji Shree Shantivijai Maharaj was founded in the year 1966 to impart education to pupils combining ethical and moral values based on our ancient culture. Sri Mahaveer Jain Kalyan Sangh came into being in the year 1967 as a registered society to promulgate these ideals. This school is now functioning in its own building at Vepery High Road. It stands today as a beacon light for the institutions affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. In Academics, the school maintains a high quality and gets very good results in the examinations at all levels.

Our students carved out a niche in all spheres of activities.


Aims and Objectives of the School

To provide comprehensive education on the lines of "New Education Policy" with special emphasis on
  •  Social Inter communication
  •  Maintenance of physical efficiency
  •  Efficient citizenship
  •  Unspecialised practical activities
  •  Overall Personality
  • To promote and encourage the child to learn in a natural atmosphere and interesting ways with guidance, scientific approach, co-operative manner and competitive spirit.
  • To provide progressive facilities and methods to develop social, emotional and managerial talents.
  • To impart value based education.To introduce the child to the age of Electronics, Computer, Multimedia, Internet , Audio Visual teaching and learning centres.
  • To introduce the child to the method of "Learning by doing"
  • To guide the children to take initiative and make it an "innovative centre"
  • To train the child to face challenges of life with courage and a balance mind.
  • To make the child understand the need for self-evaluation techniques to access one's own achievements and performance, strength and weakness to develop confidence.
  • To bring about an integrated individual who is capable of dealing with challenges of life.

School Programme

GSSJV is affiliated to CBSE. It follows progressive methods. The school programme is divided into THREE major areas.

Language English, Hindi and Tamil
Maths Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry
Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science
Social Science Environmental Science, History, Civics and

Commercial Science Business Studies, Accountancy & Marketing,

Physical Education Indoor & Outdoor Games Track and Field events, Karate
Health Education Yoga and gymnastics, Volley Ball, Cricket, Chess,
Carrom, Table Tennis, Khokho, Basketball
Art Education Drawing & Painting, Handicrafts & Model making
Value Education Human values, Religious and thematic discussions, Group Bhajans singing, Thoughts for the day
Audio Visual Education Educational programs through TV, Tape Recorder, Radio, Multimedia, Overhead projector, slide projector, CD Projector

Co-curricular Activities
  • Dance, Music, Band, Painting,Art & Craft
  • Science Club, Health Club, Maths Club, GK and Commerce Club
  • Creative Writing, Public Speaking,Dramatics, Debate
  • Junior Red Cross
  • Karuna Club
  • NSS
  • Jain Kalachar- Cultural Academy
  • Road safety patrol Unit
  • Students Consumer Council
  • Eco Club
  • Chess Academy
  • Skating

School Uniform Details
        All Days except Wednesday and Special Functions


L.K.G & U.K.G.
1) Double pleated Half pants with suspenders.
2) Half sleeved Shirt.
3) School Tie
1) Frock
2) Black CANVAS shoes with white socks.
3) Black Ribbon.
1) Double pleated Half pants.
2) Half sleeved Shirts.
3) Tie (with school name).
4) Black CANVAS shoes with white socks.
1) Pinafore.
2) Half sleeved shirt.
3) Black CANVAS shoes with white socks.
4) Black Ribbon.
1) Double pleated Half pants.
2) Half sleeved shirt.
3) Tie ( with school name)
4) Black shoes with white socks.
1) Pinafore.
2) Half sleeved shirt.
3) Black (Canvas) shoes with white socks for IV& V , Black shoes with white socks for VI & VII.
4) Black Ribbon
1) Double pleated Full pants.
2) Half sleeved shirt.
3) Tie (with school name)
4) Black shoes with white socks.
5) School Belt
1) Churidhar with duppata
    (Top with slit at the sides)
2) Black shoes with white socks.
3) Black Ribbon.

Uniform cloth, ties and House Colour ties & belts are available at school stores on payment and it is compulsory that school uniform cloth should be purchased from school only to avoid variation in shade and texture of cloth.

Uniform on Wednesdays and Special Functions
Standard Boys Girls
1) White Double pleated half pants
    With suspenders.
2) White Half sleeved shirt.
3) Tie (with school name)
4) White shoes with white socks)

1) White Frocks.
2) White shoes and white socks.
3) Black Ribbon.
1) White Double pleated Half pants.
2) House Colour banian or
3) White shoes with white socks.
4) School Belt.
1) White Skirt.
2) House colour banian or     white Half sleeved white     shirt half   sleeved shirt     with house colour tie. With     house colour tie.
3) White shoes with white     socks.
4) Black Ribbon.
1) White Double pleated full pants.
2) House Color banian or white half
3) White shoes with white socks.
4) School Belt.
1) White Churidhar, Kameez &     White duppatta or House     colour Waist-coat.
2) White shoes with white     socks.
    Sleeved shirt with house     colour tie.
3) Black shoes with white     socks. 4) Black colour     Ribbon.

Staff List 2016-2017


Headmistress (For Nursery & Primary)

Asst.PRINCIPAL (Incharge)
Mrs. T.D. MULLAI, B.Sc., M.A., M.Ped.
English Languages
Mrs. C.Geetha, M.A.,B.Ed.
Mrs.J.Vaishnavi M.A.
Mrs.C.Buelah Gersy M.A,B.Ed
Mrs. S.Priya,M.A.,B.Ed.D.T.Ed
Mrs.S.P.Ancy M.Sc., B.Ed
Mrs.Mirnalini B.A.
Mrs.A.Meenakshi B.A.B.Ed
Mrs. D.Poonkuzhali,M.A.
Ms.A.Tamil Selvi , B.A,B.Ed
Mrs. S. Gowri shankari B.Com.
Mrs. K.Dhanya,B.A.,CTET
Mr. M.Augustin,M.A.,M.Phil
Mrs. R.Divya,B.A

Mrs. Usha Raj,M.A.B.Ed.
Mrs. Monika Jain M.A.B.Ed
Mrs. V.Sankar M.A.,B.Ed.
Mrs. G.Rekha,M.A., B.Ed.
Mrs.Saimeera Joshi M.A.B.Ed
Mrs.Madhani Heena M.A.B.Ed
Mrs.S.Bhuvaneshwari B.A.(Tamil)
Mrs.Violet Libiya M.A.. B.Ed(Tamil)
Mrs.G.R.Vasantha Kumari B.A.B.Ed(tamil)
Mrs. V.Anitha M.A.B.Ed
Mrs. Rathnavathi M.A.B.Ed
Mrs. Usha Kumari B.A
Mrs. Rajni Khetpaliya B.A.B.Ed
Mathematics Science
Mr. S.Kumaresan,M.Sc.,B.Ed.
Mr. M.Bharathi,M.Sc.,B.Ed.
Mrs. Bindu Vijayan,BSc.,B.Ed.
Mrs. T.Sivakami,M.Sc.,B.Ed.
Mrs. P.Kaleeswari,B.Sc.,B.Ed.
Mrs. R.Vasumathi,B.Sc.,
Mrs. R.Shanthakumari.B.Sc.,B.Ed.
Mrs. S.Nirmala,B.A
Mrs. Kalalivani,B.Sc.,B.Ed.
Mrs. S.Mohanambal.B.Sc.,B.Ed.

Mrs. Benzy.N.Edathil M.Sc.,B.Ed
Mr. R.Raghavan,B.Sc.,B.Ed.
Mr. C.N.Malarkodi M.Sc.,B.Ed
Mr. V.Maheswari M.Sc.,B.Ed
Mr. C.Karutharaj Pandian,B.Sc.,B.Ed.PGDCA
Mrs. P.N.Gayathri M.Sc.,M.Phil.
Mrs. M.Neelima B.Sc.,B.Ed.
Social Science Smart class & Exam Cell
Mrs. R.Valarmathy,M.Sc.,M.Phil,B.Ed.
Mrs. R.Sheela,MA,B.Ed.
Mrs. P.D.Shanthakumari M.A, B.Ed
Mrs. R.Indra, M.A.,B.Ed.
Mrs. M.Pushpalatha,MA,B.Ed.
Mrs. J.Kanchan B.A.(K.G.Trained)

Ms.A.Kalpana B.E(CSE)
Commerce Computer Science
Mr. Kamlesh R.Vyas,M.Com.,B.Ed.
Mrs. N.Maria Tonijo Ferdina ,M.Com.,B.Ed.
Mrs. R.Rekha,M.A.,B.Ed.
Mrs. K.S.Deepa ,M.Com.,B.Ed.

Ms. J.Ramya M.E
Mrs. S.Gouthami M.E
Mrs.S.Subhasree B.A.PGDCA
Nursery Department Art Education
Mrs. Kanchan L. Sharma (KG Trained )
Mrs.P. Vigila B.Sc ( KG trained)
Mrs. N.Parimala Chandrika.B.Sc.
Mrs.M.Punithavathy B.B.A
Mrs.V.Sumithra, B.A,.Dip in Tr Edn
Mrs.B.Yonisha B.A,M.Ed, D.G.D.T
Ms.Angelin Sushmita,Dip in Tr Edn
Mrs. S.Manjula B.A,N.T.Ed
Mrs.Rajeswari.B.Com, DECE
Mrs.M.Gomathi B.Com ( KG trained)
Mrs.Sumitha, B.Sc
Mr.P.Swaraj Phani Kumar
Smart Class & Exam Cell Incharge Music Education
Mr.A.Kalpana, B.E(CSE)

Mrs.M.Padmavathy,B.A.Music, Dip .in.Music
Library --
Mrs.T.Lakshmi, M.A.,B.L.I.S
Mrs.Deborah Singh Routela ,M.A,B.Ed. Dip.In Lib Sci

Physical Education Lab Instructors
Mr. M.Karuppiah,B.Sc.,M.P.Ed.
Mrs.Shantha Mary KG Trained
Mr. R.Rajiv Gandhi,M.Com,B.P.Ed.
Mr.F.Joseph M.Sc, M.A (Computer lab)

Mr.K.Venkata Krishnan,B.Sc (Science Lab)

Lab Assistant Administrative Staff
Mrs. Lilly Rosaline B.Lit-Tamil(Science Lab)

Mrs. R.Jayanthi.B.A - Office Superintendent
Mrs. V. Subasri,B.Com. Cashier
Mr.R.Chockalingam B.Com
Mrs.R.Vishnupriya M.Com,
Mrs. R.Jothi

Attenders Helpers
Mr.T.K. Nagapushpam
Mr.Ravichandran Stores incharge
Mrs. R.Susheela

Mrs. P.Kumari
Mrs. Bhavani
Mrs. Radha
Mrs. Pushpa

Leave Rules and Regulations

         "Refer School Diary"


School fees

Fee Structure 2016-2017 for UKG to X Std.(Per term of six Months)
  LKG & UKG I-V Std VI-X Std
Tution Fee Rs. 4100 5650 7350
Special Fee Rs. 2100 2400 2850
Nutrition Supplement Program Rs. 500 500 -
Other fees Rs. 1200 1200 1200
Per term (6 months) Rs. 7900 9750 11400
Per Year Rs. 15800 19500 22800

Fee Structure 2016-2017 for Junior College (2 Terms) XI & XII
XI & XII Std
XI & XII Std
(Commerce Group)
(Science Group)
Tution Fee Rs.
Special Fee Rs.
Other Fee Rs.
Per Term Rs.
Per Year Rs.

Scholarship and Fees Concession

Merit cum means scholarship will be sanctioned for the deserving students based on the applications of the parent. The Management based on the concession status and the merit of the student will decide the sanction of scholarships.

Fee concessions will be sanctioned for the students performing meritoriously in Class X CBSE Examination and seeking admission in Science Group in Class XI. The student securing 90% aggregate in Class X Board examination will be eligible for fee concession.


Note: The students seeking admission in class XI after completing Class X of our school are exempted from payment of Admission fees of Rs.1000/- as a student Welfare means.

Procedure of Registaration and Admission

For LKG, the application forms are issued during the second fortnight of January. The birth certificate and the community certificate are requisites for applying.

The Academic Session starts from March of every year.


The school admits both Boys and Girls (Subject to the availability of seats) irrespective of any distinction of caste.


A) A child seeking admission has to get the name registered first by paying a fee Rs.50/-Thereafter he/she is given a test and if found suitable, is admitted to the class for which he or she is found fit. Only children coming from recognised English Medium Schools with Hindi as the Second Language will be given admission.

B) Minimum age for admission in L.K.G. is completion of 3 years by 31st March of that academic year.

While applying for admission into classes other than KG, Xerox copies of the following documents are to be furnished.

a) Birth Certificate.
b) T.C and Conduct Certificate.
c) Mark List.
d) Community Certificate/B.C/M.B.C/S.C/S.T., (if applicable)

Pupils coming from schools affiliated to C.B.S.E./STATE BOARD will be admitted on the merit of marks obtained in the admission test. Pupils coming from schools affiliated to other Boards will have to get their T.C. countersigned by the relevant Education Officers.

For admission to Junior College (XI and XII Std. Though he/she studied in this school, Students will be required to reapply. Decision will be based on their Academic Performance in X Std and conduct. The nature of subjects taught in X & XII Std are announced through leading newspapers at the time of admission.

Visiting Hours for Parents

To meet the teachers 3.15 to 4.00 p.m. only
To see test note books "Open Day's specified in the school Hand book
To meet the Head Mistress 3.00 to 4.00 p.m
To meet the Principal 3.00 to 4.00 p.m (by prior appointment)

School Timing


08.20 a.m
- Teachers & Students arrive
08.25 a.m
- Ist bell and attendance
08.30 a.m - 08.50 a.m
- Assembly
08.50 a.m - 09.30 a.m
- Ist Period
09.30 a.m - 10.10 a.m
- 2nd Period
10.10 a.m - 10.20 a.m
----------------Short Break---------------
10.20 a.m - 11.00 a.m
-3rd Period
11.00 a.m - 11.40 a.m
-4th Period
11.40 a.m - 12.20 a.m
- 5th Period
12.20 p.m - 12.50 p.m
---------------- Lunch Break--------------
12.50 p.m - 01.30 p.m
-6th Period
01.30 p.m - 02.10 p.m
-7th Period
02.10 p.m - 03.00 p.m
-8th Period
03.00 p.m - 03.10 p.m
----------------- Special Break----------------
03.10 p.m - 04.15 p.m
- Remedial Classes for slow Learners/
  Special classes/ Club Activities
Saturday's working Hours
8.30 a.m - 3.00 p.m. Second & Fourth Saturday is a Holiday
Note: For Classes LKG TO III, Saturday is a holiday

Vacation Details

Summer and Winter Break

The summer break is during the II WEEK of April
The Winter break is during the II/III week of December

Examination Details 2016-2017

Mid Semester Exam Time Table (2016 - 2017)
(From I To III Std.)

I- Mid Semester 8.8.2016
II- Mid Semester 16.12.2016

Mid Semester Exam Time Table (2016 - 2017)
( IV To VIII Std.)

I- Mid Semester 6.8.2016 8.8.2016 9.8.2016 10.8.2016 11.8.2016 12.8.2016
II- Mid Semester 16.12.2016 17.12.2016 19.12.2016 20.12.2016 21.12.2016 22.12.2016
II- Lang, Tamil Social Hindi Maths Science English
II- Lang, Tamil English Science Social Maths Hindi
II- Lang, Tamil Science Maths Hindi English Social
II- Lang, Tamil Hindi English Science Social Maths
Maths Social English Hindi Science
Note: For classes IX to XII, the Test schedule will be circulated prior to the commencement of each Test.

Semester Examination Time Table (2016 - 2017) (From I To III Std.)
I-Semester Exam 26.9.2016 27.9.2016 28.9.2016 29.9.2016 30.9.2016
II-Lang/ Tamil English Hindi Maths E.V.S
Revised Dates - II-Semester Exam 6.3.2017 7.3.2017 8.3.2017 9.3.2017 10.3.2017
II Lang/ Tamil English Hindi Maths E.V.S


Semester Examination Time Table (2016 - 2017)(From IV To VIII Std.)
I - Semester
20.9.2016 21.9.2016 22.9.2016 23.9.2016 26.9.2016 27.9.2016 28.9.2016 29.9.2016 30.9.2016
II - Semester
1.3.2017 2.3.2017 3.3.2017 4.3.2017 6.3.2017 7.3.2017 8.3.2017 9.3.2017 10.3.2017
Comp. Sc. M.I. Tamil ( II &III) G.K. Social Hindi Maths Science English
Comp. Sc M.I. Tamil G.K. English Science Social Maths HIndi
Comp.  Sc M.I. Tamil G.K. Science Maths Hindi English Social
Comp. Sc. M.I. Tamil G.K. Hindi English Science Social Maths
Comp. Sc. M.I. Tamil G.K. Maths Social English Hindi Science
Note: 1) For classes IX to XII, the Exam schedule will be circulated prior to the commencement of Exam.